MikroTik CCR2004-1G-12S+2XS

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Mikrotik CCR2004-1G-12S+2XS


The Connectivity Router – your best companion when it comes to SFP, SFP+ and SFP28 management! 1, 10 and 25 Gbps ports in a single device to make your life easier.

The “Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.” mindset can be very helpful, but sometimes you simply need a device that works and solves the problem without additional tinkering. The CCR2004-1G-12S+2XS does just that – forget about all connectivity troubles and expand your setup in any way you please. This handy router features 12 x 10G SFP+ and 2 x 25G SFP28 ports.

CCR2004-1G-12S+2XS is Mikrotik router with the most powerful single-core performance so far. It provides incredible results in single tunnel (up to 3.4 Gbps) and BGP feed processing.

Be prepared for anything: 10G, 40G and now 25G! Paired with such MikroTik multiport products as CRS317-1G-16S+RM, CRS312-4C+8XG-RM and CRS326-24S+2Q+RM, your networking setup will know no bounds. Performance-wise, CCR2004-1G-12S+2XS is on par with the renowned CCR1009/CCR1016 routers. And with dual redundant power supply you can forget about unexpected downtime! With its elaborate port configuration, the new CCR2004-1G-12S+2XS is the perfect addition to any professional networking arsenal – it will save you tons of time in some tricky situations!

Additional information

Processor Specs

AL32400 1700 MHz

Size of RAM

4 GB

Operating System


Storage Size

128 MB

10/100/1000 Ethernet ports


SFP+ ports


SFP28 ports


Power Supply

AC power supply 100 – 240 V


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